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7 October 2020
Info Day - Malta


The Commission's Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs is responsible for EU policy on the single market, industry, entrepreneurship and small businesses.


About us

To promote growth in Europe, DG GROW works to:

  • Ensure an open internal market for goods and services in the EU;
  • Strengthen the industrial base in Europe and to promote industrial innovation to generate new sources of growth;
  • Ensure a modernised system for public procurement, which provides better access to public contracts on an EU-wide basis;
  • Encourage the growth of SMEs and promote an entrepreneurial culture;
  • Support the internationalisation of EU businesses;
  • Facilitate access to finance for SMEs.


Access to finance for SMEs

EU supports businesses by improving access to finance by financial intermediaries such as banks and venture capital organisations that provide funding supported by the EU.
EU Access to Finance portal will help you find suitable and available EU finance in your country.


Your Europe Business

Your Europe Business portal presents rights and obligations for businesses that want to make the most of their single market rights. It provides information on accessing new markets in the EU (setting up a business or subsidiary, selling goods and services abroad, paying connected VAT and taxes), as well as accessing funding – and much more.


Additional resources


Strategy for SMEs

Your Europe Business portal

Access to finance portal

A European Green Deal

Recovery plan for Europe



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Twitter: @EU_growth
Facebook: EU.GROWTH


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